Monday, 16 April 2012

Weekend Wishlist #009 (Calypso Range)

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Over my morning coffee and stressful module registration for my final year, I got an e-mail from Topshop on their calypso range they have put together on their site.

After half a day of attempting to revise, I finally gave in and had a gander, the colours were so bright they instantly put me in a cheerful mood and excited for what summer will bring. So here are my top picks out of the Calypso range.

 I cannot wait to get my hands on the Ombre print vest. Sadly, Topshop doesn't deliver to France, so I have made a list of all the things I want to try on when I get back home in 12 days, and this vest is top of the list!

This refreshing mint colour of this purse caught my eye. My old Topshop purse has lasted me a lifetime, and I still get compliments on it (even though when I open it all my money falls out) but I may have to invest in this beauty.

I was never really a fan of these statement printed bomber jackets, until I saw a girl in Aix wearing this exact one, with ray-ban wayfarers, skinny jeans and a plain top. It just looked so effortlessly cool. I don't know if I would spend £48 on it, it's one of those jackets where once you have worn it once, it's obvious whenever you are wearing it again.

This calypso bow is amazing. It reminds me of the beach, as that's the only time I wear bows in my hair as the sea water makes it a little uncontrollable. Teamed with some 60s sunglasses it would look great and jazz up a plain looking outfit.

What do you think of the Calypso range? Have I missed out any of your favourites?

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Weekend Wishlist #007

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My week has mainly consisted of browsing rather than purchasing, but I really need to crack on with my Spring wardrobe. I seem to have endless amounts of t-shirts and jumpers that cover me up, when what I really need is strapless tops to catch some rays. 

The neon pink colour of this Miss Selfridge top caught my eye when browsing their on-line site yesterday, sadly, for reasons already explained, I am going to have to stay away from buying this. If you get it, don't tell me, I will only get jealous.

After working out that statement necklaces can make or break an outfit, I have been stocking up, and this ASOS golden necklace would go perfectly teamed with a plain white top and denim shorts for the daytime, but could also be worn with a LBD on a night out. Perfect.

I have actually just gone and purchased this top-not spike, it's amazing. Hopefully the spikes aren't too big, but I think this would be great when I am having a bad hair day, so it can glam up my top not. 

What do you think? Have you seen any top-not accessories out there? I think they are great!

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Daily Routine

MAC studio fix, MAC bronzing powder, Topshop Highlighter in Sunbeam, Topshop lipstick in Rumour Has It, Collection 2000 concealer in medium, Rimmel eyeliner (exaggerate), Benefit POREfessional, Benefit BROWzings in Medium, Elizabeth Arden blusher brush.

While having my cup of coffee and doing the morning browse of blogs, I decided to do a beauty post. I re-designed my button yesterday, and on it says "beauty", but I have yet to dedicate a post to here goes.

These are my everyday, go-to products. Make up shopping is a lot of fun, especially when I have had a Nandos and have a mini food baby, but still want to splash my cash.

So, first and foremost, MAC products. As most bloggers are, I am a big fan of MAC products. I have used MAC studio fix in NW25 for quite a while now. The colour suits me perfectly and as it's a pressed powder, it's doesn't feel heavy on my skin. It last's for a while (provided you don't drop it) and at £19.50 it really is worth buying. This christmas I got the MAC bronzing powder (in matte) and I love it. My room in halls is pretty dark so thankfully this doesn't go on too heavily or I would leave everyday looking ridiculous.

Only recently did I start filling in my eyebrows, but it really does make a difference to my face. People commented, saying I had done something to my hair, or my face shape had changed. Nope, I just bought Benefits Browzings in Medium. If you don't already, start experimenting with your eyebrows. It really does make a difference.

These two lipsticks are standing in for my everyday lipstick (which has sadly ran out) MAC lustre in jubilee. The first is Topshop, which must be limited edition, as I cannot find it anywhere. Then the second is a coral lipstick I picked up in France, by a brand called Biguine. They are both a bit more daring than my usual MAC. Maybe it's a good thing it ran out then?

What are your go-to products? Are you going crazy for POREfessional like everyone else? Let me know!

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Weekend Wishlist #006

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This weeks wishlist is summer orientated, can you tell I have been re-assessing my wardrobe and accommodating for the sun? A few pastels and tropical patterns this week. 

For some reason, when doing my online browse (every morning...) I often forget to look at Miss Selfridge, it's a shop where I only go in if I walk past it, but really, it's great. This cami is so light and floaty, perfect for the sun. 

Oh bikini season, you have once again come around too soon. But, I need to buy one soon and this is perfect for holidays. Although it's a bit bright, I am one for the plain bikini, that doesn't attract unnecessary attention to me. As most girls would agree!

I love these River Island boots, but they are sold out (much like this clutch bag from Topshop). They have a few sizes left in black, but these tan beaded shoes would go perfectly with denim hot pants and a plan white top. 

What are your summer picks? Have you dared to think about your bikini for this summer?

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