Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Daily Routine

MAC studio fix, MAC bronzing powder, Topshop Highlighter in Sunbeam, Topshop lipstick in Rumour Has It, Collection 2000 concealer in medium, Rimmel eyeliner (exaggerate), Benefit POREfessional, Benefit BROWzings in Medium, Elizabeth Arden blusher brush.

While having my cup of coffee and doing the morning browse of blogs, I decided to do a beauty post. I re-designed my button yesterday, and on it says "beauty", but I have yet to dedicate a post to beauty...so here goes.

These are my everyday, go-to products. Make up shopping is a lot of fun, especially when I have had a Nandos and have a mini food baby, but still want to splash my cash.

So, first and foremost, MAC products. As most bloggers are, I am a big fan of MAC products. I have used MAC studio fix in NW25 for quite a while now. The colour suits me perfectly and as it's a pressed powder, it's doesn't feel heavy on my skin. It last's for a while (provided you don't drop it) and at £19.50 it really is worth buying. This christmas I got the MAC bronzing powder (in matte) and I love it. My room in halls is pretty dark so thankfully this doesn't go on too heavily or I would leave everyday looking ridiculous.

Only recently did I start filling in my eyebrows, but it really does make a difference to my face. People commented, saying I had done something to my hair, or my face shape had changed. Nope, I just bought Benefits Browzings in Medium. If you don't already, start experimenting with your eyebrows. It really does make a difference.

These two lipsticks are standing in for my everyday lipstick (which has sadly ran out) MAC lustre in jubilee. The first is Topshop, which must be limited edition, as I cannot find it anywhere. Then the second is a coral lipstick I picked up in France, by a brand called Biguine. They are both a bit more daring than my usual MAC. Maybe it's a good thing it ran out then?

What are your go-to products? Are you going crazy for POREfessional like everyone else? Let me know!


  1. I just got a new Collection 2000 concealer today, that stuff is seriously amazing I can't live without it!

  2. I love MAC foundations!

    Filling in eyebrows makes a big difference. Cannot leave the house without those done!!

    I haven't heard of POREfessional before.

  3. ah i love porefessional too! but only for special occasions due to the heavy price tag! xo

  4. I'm not a big fan of MAC, unfortunately every makeup related stuff of theirs breaks out my sensitive skin :( I love the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum foundation at the moment, it's perfect :)

    Thanks for your comment! I'm sure you could pull of a pixie cut if you wanted. In the end, it's only hair :) And you have a really nice face shape which would suit a pixie cut perfectly!

  5. Oh wow I am really interested in trying the Benefit POREfessional. Is it really worth it though?

    1. I would say it's really good, but it is expensive and can run out quite quickly.
      Ask the people at Benefit if you can try it. The texture is actually amazing though. It doesn't feel like you are putting anything on your skin, really light and I hate heavy thick primer/foundation.

      Try before you buy, but I personally love it!

  6. I've not tried MAC foundations but I am curious to. I've heard great things about Benefit's brow products though I don't fill in my brows usually. On the rare occasion I have, I do notice it does make huge a noticeable difference. I've not tried Porefessional but my friend recently bought it after being impressed with how smooth it made her hand feel after a bit was dabbed on and rubbed in :)


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