Thursday, 28 June 2012


BOY London is going to be available on ASOS in a mere few weeks. 
The brand caught my attention (it's kind of tricky to ignore that hat) first in Urban Outfitters a year ago, but after checking out the price tag of the jumper I decided my student loan should be spent on food and water (grumble grumble grumble).

However, look at these celebs kitted out in this label. Effortlessly cool. 

The design is simple yet effective and the iconic and simple eagle logo gives it an urban edge. Most of the items are unisex as well, great if you spy something you like and buy it for your boyfriend...only to borrow it occasionally. Although, it seems to work the other way round with my American Apparel hoody. 

After scouting the internet I picked out a few to go on my ever expanding wish list;

Yes yes, they are pricey, but these are INVESTMENTS. The brand had a huge cult following in the 80s and it's urban edge is being re-discovered once more. Maybe even search through your parents wardrobe, you never know, you could save yourself £30.

What are your thoughts? Too simple? Too much? Too cool?

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