Monday, 30 November 2015


So it's official - I have moved. I did it! I have moved all the way from Durham to London and it all went rather smoothly if I do say so myself. Yes I may have left packing to the last minute, and yes I may have not been able to fit everything into the car but that's beside the point - I did it.

It has been a pretty busy year to be honest - I decided I wanted to move to The Big Smoke for the bright lights. Of course it was difficult to leave my family, we are close and I was living at home. But I haven't looked back - and there is a Space NK on pretty much every street here...

(My parents took it a little hard - so they did what any normal family does when their first born flies the a puppy. Yes, I really am THAT replaceable.)

They got the cute factor bang on...

However I have fallen on my feet - location wise I am bang in the centre and housemate wise I am living with my mate (beautiful back of the head pictured above...) who I have known since I was 7.

My flat is a cosy modern three bed that has a gym and pool on the lower part of the block and even a sauna and although I will never get my head around the staggering difference in rent between the North East and London, I couldn't be happier.

For all those who are mulling over the idea of relocating and have been for quite some time - in the words of Shia LeBoeuf - just do it. My only advice is maybe pack the car a day before so you can work out if it actually all fits. Or maybe just hire a van for just your beauty products!

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