Monday, 13 June 2016


It's official – I am addicted to blog/vlogs. Getting lost within youtube vlogs and endless scrolling through content has to be up there as one of my favourite pastimes (others include reading depressing literature, eating, watching funny vines, on-line window shopping and KUWTK - an eclectic but satisfying mix.)
Sharing is caring so I thought I would write a post on my top 5 best beauty reads. 
*warning, this is an enabler post and once you delve into these goodies you will lose several hours of your life. 

VIVANNA DOES MAKEUP.  Anna is queen of copy in my opinion and has an impressive way with words that I am envious of. She writes about beauty, fashion, lifestyle and most recently fitness! Her recent fitness obsession has not only lead me to actually go to the gym, but more importantly invest into my workout wardrobe! Having been hooked from post 1, I would advise to go read her thoughts immediately if not sooner.

SACCONEJOLYS. Firstly - my addiction to this amazing family proves that I am moving (no, correct that, RUNNING) into a different stage in my life. In the past I was obsessed with fashion, beauty and socialising. Now I am entering a novel phase of loving interior design, property renovations and family vlogs! The SacconeJolys are #squadgoals and are the perfect bit of fun escapism that we all need every once in a while. 

LILYPEBBLES. Lily is down to earth, honest and seems to know everything there is to know about London. Although I have followed Lily when I lived in Liverpool, France and Durham and she has probably been my biggest blogger I have moved to London she has opened up a whole new world of activities/events/restaurants/bars/gigs that are amazing. 

DELICIOUSLY ELLA Having just come back from a holiday which consisted of eating pasta, drinking wine and lying on the beach...I am in serious need of Ella's blog and book. Clean eating seems so much more doable when I scroll through her blog and am filled with inspiration to try new ingredients and stay away from processed snacks! I religiously check to see what updates she has put and attempt to cook them (the end results never looks as aesthetically pleasing as her attempt but I can live with that.)

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