Friday, 20 January 2012

Oh goodness, this IS exciting.

I have been obsessed with blogs for a while now, and thought, what better than to start my own.

My first post is going to be about the amazing movie 'Shame'. My friends suggested trying out the cinema in Aix, so I pulled on my winter jacket, ventured out of my cosy halls of accommodation and paid a fine amount of money to see what everyone has been raving about.

The film follows the trials and tribulations of a charming, yet lonely bachelor, Brandon (Michael Fassbender) and the complicated relationship he endures with his sister (Carey Mulligan) and highlights Brandons relentless thirst for sexual highs, troubled pasts and encounters.

After the first minute, the film had gripped me so tightly, I totally forgot where or who I was. All I could focus on was the intensity and emotions that shone behind Fassbender's eyes while he lies in bed, for over 2 minutes.

No spoilers (I actually HATE Facebook for status and spoilers, the amount of times X Factor was RUINED for me) but the movie itself was gripping, daring, thought-provoking and all round brilliant.

Steve McQueen has done himself proud, with a brilliant cast. However, I warn you now, the film follows the highs and lows of a sex NOT go see it on a first date/with your parents/your best friend who you fancy but shouldn't.

Another interesting fact; the movie was a 12 in France. A 12? You see Fassbender's willy. That's all I am saying.


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