Sunday, 12 February 2012

Fashion Mode

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It seems to be all about the Aztec/Egyptian this season, which I am not complaining about at all. In most wardrobes there are a few cheeky Aztec tops/dresses/bangles hanging about, waiting for their time to rise again. Of course, this Sunday was spent on Ebay, quickly snapping up Aztec prints and only costing me a slight fortune.

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1. As much as I love this maxi dress, I fear it is one of those Topshop items, where EVERYONE has it. I may have to save my money for something less obvious. But isn't she a beauty? This would go perfectly with bright red lips and some extra confidence.

2. Bright colours and powerful patterns scream sun! A tan would match this perfectly...

3. My love for this Topshop Cleopatra Tee will never end, I love a good baggy t-shirt with some leggings or skinny jeans. Comfy, stylish and affordable. 

4. What a total adventure backpack! When I saw this, I wanted to whack it on, put on my trainers and go exploring like I was 10 again. 

5. It's actually refreshing to see some colour when I am window shopping (online...) and this reminded me that the sun (and the beach) is on it's way.

What are your thoughts on these new collections? Are you ready to walk like an Egyptian?



  1. I'm loving all the Egyptian things atm, especially the jewellery!

  2. What a lovely inspiring post! I Love the Aztec/Egypitan theme! xx

  3. This blog is going to make me skint! <3

  4. i love these patterns but don't know if they're very me. i'll have to raid topshop when i'm home.

    i can imagine that maxi dress being EVERYWHERE in liverpool though.



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