Saturday, 11 February 2012

Weekend Wishlist #002

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1. Benefit 'Throb' blusher is £23 and to be honest, I really feel as if this colour suits a paler complexion. I am usually a bronzer girl, but when I tried this on last year (after being persuaded by the Benefit counter lady) I noticed it gave me a lovely fresh faced look. Also, the name means it's a perfect blusher for a Valentines date!

2. Urban Outfitters can be a bit pricey for me, but this cute boudoir box is only £6 and is too cute not to buy for a special someone. It would make you smile every time you went to put on all the stunning jewellery they may have bought you (if you are lucky!)

3. I LOVE patterned tights and they are a godsend when I am dressed a little plainly, as they add something to the outfit. Why not wear your heart on your sleeve (and on your legs) for this Valentines Day?

4. You can NEVER go wrong with Chanel on Valentines Day. Ever. This is a classic 'must-have in your wishlist' lipstick. 

5. Whenever I make the dreaded walk into Uni, I have to drag my beast of a laptop with me in an awful case. After coming across this case on ASOS...well I have fallen in love. 

6. At £75 these sling back wedges are a little pricey, but what better excuse than a Valentines Day present to yourself? It's a shame heels aren't really done in the South of France, and don't even mention the cobbled streets. 

I hope you all have a lovely Valentines Day. Mine will be spent with my two favourite people, Ben and Jerry, accompanied with a selection of terrible yet strangely addictive films. What is everyone else doing on this coming Tuesday?



  1. Love the shoes! The colour is so lovely, perfect for spring.

  2. i looooooooove those tights.

  3. Eeek I have that lipstick! Perks of flying so much - duty free!


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