Wednesday, 28 November 2012


It's nearly Christmas! 

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 I cannot believe it's less than a month until Christmas. Times flies when you are bombarded with work and deadlines, eh?

So I have thrown together my wish-list that I will be giving to my love mother (and Santa Claus as well, obviously)

First up, everyone and their mums have been raving about these brushes. The amount of times I have picked them up in boots is getting silly now, but no, I am looking forward to getting them on Christmas Day. My mum is really good at buying makeup for me a my sister, we always get an amazing brush set. 

Last month, I caved and bought my first Origins skincare, the drink me up intensive mask. It smells gorgeous and my skin has benefitted from it, so I am going to ask for the other favourite mask. I may even get cocky and demand a gift-set!

Oh the woes of having a round head with no cheekbones, I (like many others) have to create them every morning. I have heard good things about MAC sculpting cream and they were only released a couple of months ago. 

This stuff is just too pricey for me to justify on my student budget, but Christmas..that's a different story altogether! Thanks, Santa!

And last but not least...I always ask for perfume for Christmas/Birthday. This scent is gorgeous and is the one I always go for when I use the testers in the airport (or just an afternoon in town...)

What is on your wish-list this Christmas? 



  1. I'm rather desperate to try one of the Origins masks! x

  2. I have Flowerbomb, I love it so much! xo


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