Saturday, 3 November 2012


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November is here, which means I am actually allowed to get excited about Christmas!
Dressing for Autumn is so much fun, I love thick chunky knits and covering up (allowing me to put on a few pounds secretly...)

I had to put in some spice for cider as I love spiced apple juice/cider. There is nothing better than walking back from Uni and warming yourself up with something as tasty as this. 

Hoping on the blogging bandwagon I have included a Diptyque candle, of course I would never spend £40 on a candle as a student, but when I have a job next year (here's hoping) I will be treating myself to many expensive candles, but for the time being they will remain here on my wish-list.

What's on your wish list this month? 



  1. I love the bobble hat, I'm completely obsessed with mine which I picked up in Primark at the moment! xo

  2. i NEED a jumper like that in my life; looks super cosy and autumny! :)xo


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