Sunday, 24 February 2013


To be honest, I am not a massive lipgloss fan, it's too sticky, too gloopy and it gets caught in my hair and therefore, too stressful. However, the Clarins Instant light Natural Lip Perfector is the exception to this rule and I can see why it's a cult beauty bloggers product. It moisturises, it smells lovely and it isn't sticky. Clarins have done it again! 

The packaging isn't the most glamourous, but because it's in a squeezy tube it's easy to apply on the go (i.e when rushing to Uni lectures....) 

I have it shade 01, Rose Shimmer. It's a lovely opaque rose nude and isn't too much for a daytime look and adds some sheen onto the lips.  I managed to get mine duty free and paid £11.95 for it, but it usually retails for £15. I think it's a worthy investment though! 

What are your thoughts on it? Worth the plunge?



  1. This is so cute, although I am a massive, massive fan of lipgloss! I like the tube. You should try the Clinique smoothie lipgloss, I don't find it gloopy or sticky at all - it is my number one! You should try it!x

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  3. I have this as my lip saviour for winter weather!

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    Thanks :) Charlie UK Fashion Blog | Lurch Hound Loves xx

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  5. I feel the same way about most lip glosses! It is always nice to find one that isn't sticky and goopy.

  6. amazing post! I love basically every lipgloss that smells niice haha xoxo

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  8. I love the look of the applicator :) I love lipgloss so this sounds lovely :)))) xx

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