Saturday, 20 April 2013


Next - Adore

What is up with Next and their perfume selection? Seriously, I like so many of them and they are all so reasonably priced.

Having already raved about Gold (see post here) I feel it's time for a change to a more floral scent. This fits the bill perfectly. It's described as "A glamorous and sophisticated fragrance with stunning florals and golden amber accords." And I personally think it's incredibly similar to Lancome's La Vie est Belle.

I am one of those people who drag their friends/boyfriends/anyone around beauty stores to try on every possible scent and come out smelling like "a tart's handbag" (to quote my Dad), but I just cannot resist. Sometimes If I know I am out for the day, I will purposefully go out perfume-free to smother myself in the newest scent. 

Having someone compliment your scent is so lovely, but forking out between £40-£60 for a designer perfume is something I save for special occasions (where other people buy them for me)

But this being only £10 is a god-send and I have already received a compliment on it having only purchased it yesterday afternoon.

What are your thoughts on designer perfumes? Ever buy the 'cheap' option?


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  1. LOVE IT!!
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