Sunday, 19 February 2012

Weekend Wishlist #003

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1. These shoes are so lovely, fresh and ready to be worn in the near Spring. Topshop is always my go-to place for ballet pumps and flats, and these shoes are a good example why.

2. An Aztec rave has already been done, but these shorts deserve their own special mention.

3. I don't know if I have suddenly developed a hate for my neck, but I love anything with a collar on, including this River Island beauty. I need to get a bit more colour into my dark and dreary wardrobe as well, starting with this.

4. Cheap Frills tweeted me randomly one day about my blog, so I had a cheeky look at their website. This amazing ring is such a bargain, and they have many more so go check them out!

5. My friend was wearing this eye-shadow the other day and when I asked her about she practically begged me to go and buy it. It looked so lovely on her as a base coat for more bold colours, and gave that subtle shimmer that only a MAC product can do.

What are your thoughts and what's on your weekend wishlist? 


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