Thursday, 23 February 2012

Going Out

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Today I stumbled upon Topshops "going out" range, and I couldn't help but do a post about it. I am venturing back to Liverpool tomorrow and going out there is quite different from going out in Aix en Provence. For starters, heels are a must in Liverpool and therefore these grey suede peep toe platforms are a must-have this coming Spring for me. Scrolling up and down the collection (numerous times) the abundance of peach and pastel colours was evident, therefore this bright pink lipstick is a necessary purchase as it adds a splash of colour to these ensembles.

Liverpool's Topshop is HUGE and I have already picked out my top ten pieces I am going to have to try on when I get back. 

What are your thoughts on these picks? Are you a fan of the lighter shades, or do you like to wear statement prints on your night out?



  1. A bit of red lipstick is perfect for going out! Cute LBD too xx

  2. i'm a massive fan of statement prints when i'm out. i offset the prints with some 'to-die-for' black heels. pure lush

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  4. item 3 looks amazing! dunno if i can pull it off but sure does look good

  5. Love that lipstick yummy! I need to get my paws on some topshop makeup!
    Lovely blog btw, would you like to swap buttons? xx


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