Thursday, 10 May 2012

Met Gala

Well the Met Gala in New York certainly raised a few eyebrows in the fashion department. To be honest, it's such a fashion crazy evening anyway, I think this is one of the rare few moments where you can wear anything and get away with it. I have picked out a few of my favourites...and here they are.

Only Beyoncé could pull this number off, with her amazing derrière and her stunning smile. This Givenchy Couture purple sheered corset is really eye-catching. What a MILF. 

Marc Jacobs. Of course I had to put this laced shirt dress in here, it's fantastic! He has even managed to colour co-ordinate his black and white beard to the outfit, perfect. Apparently, he said he "didn't want to be boring" which is perfectly understandable, considering the lack of choice that men have compared to women when dressing up. 

Emma Stone looks gorgeous in this Lanvin dress. It is just enough to attract attention, without going overboard. Teamed with basic accessories and natural make-up, it's flirty and fun.

Carey Mulligan seems to be able to sport any trend, she can pull off coy and sweet, with floaty florals and here she pulls of edgy and sharp, with this metallic Prada number. Never did I think short hair could have so many varied styles, but she proves me wrong.

Dianna Agron (Glee) looked stunning in this emerald green Carolina Herrea gown.She teamed this low-cut beauty with a Judith Leiber gold clutch and minimal jewellery. I think this one might be my favourite, it is stylish, sexy, not too much, but just enough. 

What were your thoughts on all the frocks and suits? Was there one that made you cringe? Who made you dream of one day walking the red carpet wearing their special number?



  1. did you see Brit Marling? She was my favourite i think.
    Diane Kruger's makeup was flawless!

  2. I loved Emma Stone (such a sweet, youthful look, she looked radiant) and Dianna Agron (best makeup of the night imo) :)

  3. Carey Mulligan is selling that dress and giving the money to oxfam... would be interested to see how much it goes for! x

  4. I can't think of any dresses i liked! But of course Marc Jacobs look fabulous as always...


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