Saturday, 12 May 2012

Diamond Jubilee

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Now, for those who are not fans of the Royal Family, look away now!

For the rest of us, are you excited for the Diamond Jubilee? Sadly, I will be in France, streaming it on my terrible internet, most likely buffering throughout the Queen's wave. My sister is visiting however, so I am going to ask her to bring over crumpets, scones and jam. (I have enough tea here, I brought over 600 tea bags.)

Whilst on my morning browse of UO, I noticed that they had a selection specifically for the Diamond Jubilee and some of these things are quite brilliant. So I thought I would share a couple of my favourites with you.

The main reason I chose the cake decorations is because that cake looks amazing. But my favourite of them all has to be the ice cream scoop. Obviously, it's all tack, but sometimes tack is brilliant. Isn't that the point? I was gutted when I didn't get a William and Kate mug after the Royal Wedding, but my boyfriend tracked one down for me last Christmas and it's the first thing I packed when moving to France. When I get a bit sick of learning French grammar, or have had an embarrassing conversation with someone French who clearly doesn't understand me, I come home and have a milky cup of Tetley's from this mug and it perks me right up. 

What are your thoughts on the Diamond Jubilee? Or are you not really that bothered? 


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