Sunday, 27 May 2012

Whack out your stamp collection!

What's that you say? Stamp collection mixed with fashion icons? Never the twain should meet, but yes, Royal Mail have collaborated with iconic British fashion designers to offer you a chance to accessorise your mail. First off, swapping one Queen for the other...

Alexander McQueen's duck feather dress from his autumn/winter 09/10 collection is amazing, and potentially my favourite of the new collection. Imagine getting a boring old letter from the bank with this bad boy stuck on it, it would certainly make grimacing at my overdraft more chic.

Here are a few more to add to your collection...

Last but by no means least, Vivienne Westwood and her unmistakable style, with a vibrant print outfit. Let's not forget her symbolic orb that I absolutely adore that adds a certain something to every outfit. This is the outfit that Naomi Campbell famously stumbled in her huge heels in 1993, but I have seen the shoes and I don't blame her. The pose of this model is so elegant yet clashes perfectly with the slightly punk undertones of Westwood. The barnet is a great addition too. Come on, someone, write me a letter with this on? 

They have been available since the 15th May, and I may have to request a letter or two from my friends in the UK so I can get my hands on these. They are a fun way of brightening up a boring birthday card.

What are your thoughts and which is your favourite?  



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