Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Freebies galore!

I love freebies, who doesn't? This month is good for sampling lots of different goodies.

First, In Style have three colours for you to choose from, by Nails Inc. Oddly, I do not actually own any Nails Inc, so I cannot offer my opinion, but I can comment on the fact you have nothing to lose!
The colours are; Power Pink, Bluebell and Peach Sorbet. Personally, I think the Peach Sorbet sound delicious, but would probably go for the Bluebell. 

Next up, we have Glamour magazine, with free Benefit products! I am going to have to get someone to buy me a magazine back in England, because I am a big Benefit fan. Due to this, I can offer my opinion on all three. I do like the Bad Lash mascara and this will probably last the longest compared to the others, however I find it clumps up my lashes a wee bit, as the brush is quick chunky.
"That Gal" is so lovely, I used it as a primer and it made my skin glow under my foundation, but it runs out so quickly! Or it did for me. Smells lovely though.
POREfessional, I would go for this just to try it out. The texture is silky soft and it really does cover up your pores, I would use "That Gal" all over my face, however POREfessional I tend to use around my nose. 
....or just get all three!

Last but not least is Marie Claire with Body Shop lip and cheek stain, in two colours; red and caramel. They are worth £10, and since Marie Claire is only £3.70, it's a bargain! But I am not a massive fan of Marie Claire magazine, personally. 

Hurry and up and buy yours, which are you going to search high and low for? Which are your favourite magazines?


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