Friday, 13 July 2012


Jacket - Topshop

Sorry about the lack of posts, I am currently in Loire-Valley in France without my laptop or good wifi connection. Therefore, this is a quick little update from the corner of the cottage (the only place to get good wifi) off my Dads miniature laptop. 

I am kicking myself for not bringing my laptop as this holiday would have been the perfect excuse to get blogging, due to the terrible (unforeseen) weather and being in the middle of nowhere. Tripadvisor said the top attraction is the Zoo...result 1 out of 1. And it's raining, non stop, so no Zoo for us!

Anyway, enough moaning...I am on holiday after all and it has been great for internet shopping and catching up on my reading (and eating copious amounts of cheese, wine and carambars.)

After hour 5 of reading I decided to try my luck with the internet and managed to look on Topshop go-to internet site and there I set eyes on this beauty. Isn't she wonderful? 

Sadly, I am a little spent up, what with moving to London for just over a month for an unpaid intern-ship, but a girl can dream. There is a cheaper version by Topshop and whispers of H&M doing something similar, so hopefully I will get my hands on one.

What are you currently craving? Do you like this jacket or is it a bit too much for you?


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