Sunday, 9 September 2012


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At the moment I am on a strict "no spending" diet to attempt to be financially prepared for this coming student year (that and I spent all my money partying in London...ahem) so actual shopping has not occurred in many many weeks. However, it hasn't stopped me drooling over websites and getting addicted to galaxy prints. I am on the look out for a new phone cover, as my lovely white one has been stained in make-up from the depths of my handbag and this caught my eye the other day, I think it's so simple but so cute and not being one for outlandish phone covers it is perfect. 

Personally, I never wear patterned leggings as I don't feel they suit me, but I would be tempted by these New Look leggings, teamed with a black over-sized t-shirt with rolled up sleeves and my cross necklace. Perfect for a quick nip into town, or even dressed up with some high heels, huge hair and red lips for a night out. 

Recently I have been attempting to paint my own nails properly, you know, dedicate some time and effort to it instead of haphazardly attempting to paint them while watching vloggers and eating my dinner. Granted, my left hand still ends up with polish all over my fingers and I NEVER wait long enough for them to dry and end up getting it in my hair...BUT...if I had the patience I would love to try this galaxy print nail polish, it just looks so pretty. 

What are your thoughts on galaxy print? Have you dared to try it yet? 


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  1. I adore Galaxy-inspired prints, too, only don't have anything yet. I would really love a dress.


    P.S. I am currently hosting a giveaway and inviting girls to take a part - the prize really is lovely and perfect for autumn, so if you like it, feel free to enter. :)


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