Wednesday, 10 October 2012


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Oh baby it's cold outside.
That's right, there is a certain chill in the air when I walk to Uni now and there is no point in ignoring it any longer. Every year I invest quite a bit of my student loan in a winter coat. My mum always makes sure I get a good one, since I am a sucker for the cool winter know the ones that look gorgeous but actually absorb water and take the length of winter to dry out?

Here are my current favourites, some are durable, some are beautiful and all of them are a bit pricey. As you can see, the parka is what I am leaning towards. Thankfully this year it seems to be big heavy coats in fashion, I remember last year it was fitted thin ones that slimmed people down but also made them look miserable and chilly. 

Although the parka is trusty, durable and still fashionable, I can't help but try on beauties like this RI fur line leather sleeved blazer. It's amazing. A real eye-catcher, but I know if I bought it the fur would get wet and never be the same again, the leather sleeves would be to o tight and wouldn't fit over my thick wooly jumpers and ....well I would begin to resent it.

Does anyone else have this problem during winter? What are your favourite styles for this autumn/winter?



  1. love these coats so much; especially the bottom 2! :) xx

  2. i want that tartan coat its beautiful!! x


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