Wednesday, 13 February 2013


Having scraped out the last millimetre of my sample size Origins moisturiser and deeming it finished, I searched around my room for something to hydrate my face with before going to bed. Luckily I found my long forgotten moisturiser. After a few days of applying this on the morning and again on the evening, I have noticed it dries really quickly and doesn't seem to break me out. Obviously I would much rather buy the glorious Origins Make a Difference, but at £33 I just cannot bring myself to just yet, so vouch for this at £2.85. One day my cabinet will be filled with Origins day.

Boots seem to always have a deal on for getting £5 off No. 7 and I never let a voucher go to waste. I picked up this serum and I have to say, it feels lovely on the skin. Most serums out there are quite pricey, but with £5 off this is only £18 and it really does add a bit of glow to my skin. 

Finally, my favourite drug store product...the Botanics Toner for only £3.49. It has hardly any nasty ingredients in it and instantly refreshes my skin in the morning. It's a spray, which is good for mornings on the go,  but a little trick I learnt off the girl at the Origins counter is on an evening, after washing your face, use some toner on a cotton pad and if after rubbing it on your face there is STILL makeup coming off, go and wash your face again. I know it seems simply, but it is amazing how much is still left on after a good ol' scrub. 

What are your bargain buys for your skin?



  1. I've never tried the Botanics range, the toner sounds lovely :)

    1. It is lovely, I really like it. Very soft and smells glorious! At under £4 it would be crazy not to!

  2. I really want to get the botanics toner- I love that it's a spray. But I can't find it anywhere!
    Daniella x

  3. YES I love this botanics toner too. Such good value as you get tons, and it's so refreshing. I spritz it all over my face in the mornings then wipe to get me awake :)


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