Thursday, 11 April 2013


ZARA - Heels

Want, want, need. These shoes are so cute and finally, shoes that aren't 7 inches tall are coming into stock and fashion. Although these seem like they would be more uncomfortable than the wedged heel, they appear easier to walk in. My main problem with heels is my balance (especially after a few Mojitos) so the fact that these are not sky-scraping heels with a strap is perfect.

Teamed with some patterned trousers, a tight tank top and a loose blazer, these shoes will be the perfect S/S accessorie! Now I just need to find the £39.99 and the occasion to wear them...

What are your thoughts on the new trend? Ae you a fan?


  1. Love these!

  2. this is nice..but i dont want to wear open-toed heels cause i dont have pretty feet..:( sigh..

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  3. this heels is giving a smart and mature look, love it! <3 and the color is simple but stunning :)\


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