Saturday, 13 April 2013


B*witched are right, I AM going to blame the weatherman. Where is the glorious sunshine we were promised, MR Weatherman? My body is low on Vitamin D and my wardrobe is screaming for an injection of florals and pastels. But what's the point if all it does is rain?

Rant aside, my Weekend Wishlist is comprised of an outfit fit for a bit of sun and drinks in the park or the pub. I spied this top in New Look online and am going to rush into town next week to get it (if it stops raining that is). It's only £9.99 as well!

The infamous Joni jeans are top of my list as well, but having bought every possible variation of the Leigh jeans in the past few weeks I will have to wait until theirs colours inevitably fade before I can get a justify a new pair.
These WENDY Espadrilles are perfect for this spring/summer and I do love me a good wedged heel. To top off the outfit, a gold necklace, people now associate me with statement necklaces...I have far too many. 

What are your spring essentials? Do you think we will even have a spring?



  1. such a simple yet gorgeous outfit :) xx

  2. I definitely want a black pair of Joni Jeans! This outfit is beaut! xo

    1. I have been craving them for ages! xx

  3. I just found your blog and i really like it :) and those wedges are amazing!
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