Tuesday, 12 November 2013


There have been mixed reviews about this product and I can see why. When visiting a few friends in London this weekend I rummaged through my friends beauty stash (and was impressed and jealous - Emma Hardie cleaning balm?!). She leant me some of this stuff and I was pretty impressed from the word go.

Pro #1: Speedy
The Previous to this purchase I had been using Bioderma to remove my eye makeup and it was a slow and tedious process which ruined many towels. However, a few wipes with a soaked cotton pad and my eye makeup is gone!

Pro #2: £££
Compared to  the price tag of the more high-end products (Clarins and Lancome) this seems refreshingly kind to the purse. Purchased for only £3.99. After all, it is November...the month of saving in time for Christmas shopping.

Pro #3: Packaging
Yes, this may seem like a superficial and silly reason, but I am a sucker for packaging. My skincare collection is aesthetically pleasing and this really has to fit in with Origins and Estée Lauder packaging...thankfully it does. Is it strange that the nicer my skincare looks on my shelf, the more likely I am too use it? 

Con #1: Formula
Having read a few reviews I have to agree..this does sting the eyes slightly. Of course, no one opens their eyes when using something to remove their eye makeup and it just means you have to be extra careful. The first time I used it I did curse the name of Botanics but I learnt my lesson quite quickly. No pain no gain? 

Con #2: Oily Residue
This is not the biggest con ever, to be perfectly honest. It does leave an oily residue which people could find irritating but I always wash my face after removing my eye-makeup so it's a moot point really. 

What are your thoughts on this product? Did you use it before the re-formulation?


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