Wednesday, 13 November 2013


After receiving a fair few compliments on my current perfume I decided to write about it here and inform you all of it. La Vie Est Belle (translation 'Life is beautiful' [French degree coming in handy there] is by Lancôme and is an eau de parfum and therefore a little stronger. It is a unique scent that was put together by three of France's leading perfumers. 

Initially it smells quite sweet, a few people have said when they tried it the scent was too sickly for them. However, once it is absorbed and mixed with my natural scent it creates an elegant allure. Having top notes of jasmin, orange blossom made it perfect for Summer and I may have to find a muskier/spicier scent for this Winter. However, the real selling point for me is the staying power. Just a few spritzes of this is enough to last all day and maybe even to the next day if I am wearing the same top. 

Retailing in Boots for £54 for 5oml is quite a bargain compared to the likes of Chanel or Gucci. Could this be my new scent? 



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