Sunday, 29 December 2013


Well, wasn't Santa good to me?
After years (that's right...years!) of pining over the beautiful Diptyque candles, a certain someone took the hint and bought me this absolute beauty.

Diptyque candles are a little self-indulgent - this one cost £40 (the idea of burning your money away springs to mind.
They may not be for everyone but if you are into candles then they are the brand for you. The candle itself burns evenly  - I discovered this after leaving a mini christmas one unattended and it burned so perfectly and evenly that when I left it for 20 hours it had completely finished itself - 

As for this scent, it's perfect for the Spring we so eagerly await! It's top notes are floral (which I am usually not a huge fan of) but there is a strong underlying scent of blackcurrant which comes out when it burns. Basically - it's beautiful.

Another plus is that the packaging is perfect for holding jewellery/cotton buds/beauty essentials and looking aesthetically gorgeous on ones vanity.

I definitely wouldn't mind a few more to add to the collection in the future (wink wink nudge nudge....)

Would you ever spend that much on a candle? Is it worth it?


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  1. Those candles are beautiful, Santa was definitely kind to you this Xmas!



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