Sunday, 8 December 2013


Of course, being a beauty blogger means I succumb (weekly if not daily) to the new hyped up product and I am pretty sure a high percentage of these have been the new 'it' product at some stage;

Diptyque will always be on any wish list I have; birthday, christmas, weekend, bad day... you get the picture. The only thing about Diptyque is that the smells are so unique that it really is each to their own. I have tried and tested so many scents in Space NK because if I am spending a lot of money on a candle I want to know the scent is for me. This Ambre one was beautiful but not to everyones taste. 

Can you tell I want voluminous hair the Christmas? It would be cheaper to buy my a wig to be honest, so Oribe spray and Bumble and Bumble surf duo are top of the wish list. 

This Chanel Coco Noir scent is absolutely gorgeous and definitely a night time perfume. Every time I am near a Chanel counter I spritz this on. It is a perfect date night scent and I am tempted to drive to my local boots to spray it on before going out for the evening. Why don't I just buy it, I hear you ask? Well, at £75 for 50ml I just cannot justify it. I blitz through perfumes like they are going out of fashion (or they just miraculously evaporate). But Christmas is the perfect excuse but if Santa wants to get it for me then I am not complaining. 

What is on your wish list this Christmas?



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