Thursday, 30 January 2014


Okay okay, true to form I made around 100 New Year's Resolutions for 2014.
Be more healthy, be more fit, be more organised, be more selfless, blog more, travel more....blah blah blah. New Year's Resolutions are great things because you aim to better yourself but often we set ourselves up for disappointment (NY resolution #58 - learn to spell disappointment).

So, instead of striving to obtain impossible goals, I am going to just make little manageable changes to my life and of blog.

Vis à vis my 'be more organised' resolution, I am going to post every Friday with a few ideas on how to organise ones weekend a little more whilst simultaneously hitting a few of the classic 'resolutions'. 

1. Read a chapter of a book.
- Let's face it, as we mature we don't often read as much. It's sad because growing up often gives us a self-awareness that goes hand in hand with a good book. But be it not having enough time or not having enough energy we slack and eventually give into the temptation of watching a movie. Well, instead of saying "I will read a book a night and then some" and inevitably failing, why not aim to read just a chapter? Usually, (if the book is a good'un) you will want to read on. But you have to try it first, can't judge it by its cover.

2. Clean our your laptop/phone
- Snooze eh? At the moment I am going through the incredibly frustrating "not enough storage" process on my iPhone. Every time I go to take a picture of a friend I have to make them awkwardly stand there for a minute or two whilst I go through my album to delete a few cat photos. So, this Saturday I will spend a minimum of 20 minutes clearing out all the needless photos of lattes and be done with it!

3. Clean your makeup brushes
- This mundane task bores the life out of me and I often forget to do it. But come Monday morning I am caking 3 weeks of old makeup onto my face and cursing myself for not doing it when I had the chance. Why not make it as fun as humanly possible? Go get your laptop, a glass of wine and put on your favourite show and get to work! 

What are your 'resolutions' and do you like this kind of post? 


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