Wednesday, 23 November 2016


Okay okay I admit it - I have fully embraced the idea of "brunch" in London and when I say embrace I mean I have become obsessed with it...

Brunching on a weekend is my new hobby which is both questionable and pricey. When I first moved to London I never really used the word or saw the appeal but now my weekends are pretty much planned around the event. 

I go through phases of my favourite places "to brunch' (yes it is now a verb) and recently a usual frequent of mine is Dishoom - a restaurant that replicates classic 1960s Bombay style, with a modern twist at an affordable price. 

The decor is stunning and of course instagrammable (which is the main reason for brunch, right?) and the menu is tempting and varied! 

Having looked over the enormous menu and ordered ourselves a Chai Tea Latte each (officially the best one I have ever had...) we decided to get a few things to share between us. I had tried the bacon and egg naan roll and remembered it was incredible so that was the first thing to make the cut. We then ordered Kerijiwal (just order it for the challenge of pronouncing it correctly...) and granola - cancels out that bad right? The Kerijowal was pretty much cheese on toast with a chilli twist and amazing! My boyfriend got a side of masala beans for good luck and we both had an americano each to fully wake us up!

The only downside is you cannot book in advance in groups under 6 so in peak hours there is a queue. Breakfast runs until 11.45am however queues can sometimes be up to 40 minutes on a weekend and you have to sit down and order by 11.4am so make sure you get there with plenty of time to spare. 
The upside to this is they offer free chai tea to those waiting to keep them warm...not too shabby! 

But don't take my word for it - with three locations in London (Covent Garden, Kings Cross and Shoreditch) it's a must try!


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