Saturday, 24 December 2016


Now, having sang the praises of Class Pass it seems only just that I should do a couple of reviews of my favourite classes to attend from the app! When I first started Class Pass the vast variety of classes left me confused and a little overwhelmed and I would have appreciated a helpful pointer in the right direction.

In fact - my first class on Class Pass was a TRX PT session in London Bridge that me and a new colleague booked on very last minute. We had only really know each other for a week and still working each other out (no pun intended) so decided to try this out together. However - unbeknownst to us we had booked ourselves into a very intimate personal training session which consisted of a silent gym and just us two and a PT. This then swiftly turned into an awkward session where we both tried out hardest not to moan/groan/sigh/pant/cry whilst making awkward chit chat. Hilarious in hindsight and but at the time - not ideal!

Anyway - I digress. One of my absolute favourite classes is 1Rebel (Broadgate). Now the Broadgate is important as their are two classes both very close to each other, but Broadgate has the best amenities and therefore is a must.

1Rebel has various classes, all of which I am yet to try. But my favourite is Reshape 45 - a HIT classes which consists of interval training on both a treadmill and weights/resistance.

The classes consists of typically spending 20 mins on the treadmill and 20 minutes on the weights (in intervals of around 5-9 mins long). There is pumping music, dimmed and flattering lights and shock absorbing treadmills which are a GOD SEND on my knees. (Yes I sound about 50 years old saying that but they have to last me a lifetime okay?)

The time on the treadmill is spent either sprinting on and off or running on an incline which increases every minute (or whenever you think you are about to keel over). The weight training consists of weighted squats, burpees, lunges and all those other delightful things we do so enjoy.

Overall I love the class - although about 20 minutes in I start questioning if I am going to make it - the people working out around me strike up my competition side of I keep going.

Another reason I am a fan of this class is the amenities - rose gold decor, GHD straighteners, expensive shampoo, free toner, chilled lavender scented towels for cooling down? Is it sad that those are sometimes the things that motivate me to go to the class?

Of course - it wouldn't be a review without a few cheeky cons to the class. My main concern is that some of the exercises are terrible for your knees (...I know I know) with high impact and mix that with bad posture and you are screwed. However I have found out what I can and can;t do and just end up doing my own things which the trainer is always fine about.


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