Monday, 26 December 2016


After three Christmas dinners (...if you include this evenings Bubble & Squeak) washed down by several glasses of Proescco, Boxing Day Sales are not featuring heavily on my priority list. The idea of firstly getting off the sofa to then grapple with strangers in a bid to save £20 quid is not too appealing...

However - thanks to the wonder that is e-commerce those nightmares situations are no more. This is a magical land where the things that didn't make it under the tree can be brought to you in just a few clicks (..and a few weeks delivery but really it just feels like Christmas all over again when they arrive. Huzzah!)

Having spent the day casually perusing on my favourite websites and adding a lot to my wish lists I have compiled an extensive list of Best Boxing Day Finds. However I find that I cannot seem to stay awake for longer than a certain period of times this holiday season so in fear I may lose you mid way, I have whittled the list down to my top four items - enjoy.

Channel your inner Pat Butcher and invest in this leopard print coat from Topshop for under £50. Does leopard ever go out of fashion? Was it ever in fashion? Who cares - it's sure to pack a punch to an outfit and well worth the investment.
Now, I am a fan of this top for three reasons - the colour is gorgeous, the price is slashed and the ruffles hide a multitude of sins after the holidays. For £18 what's not to love?

A Whistle Bag has been on my "to buy" list for a while now (maybe I'll do a post on this one day....the list keeps expanding as my purse is depleting but that's nonetheless) and this one is gorgeous. I love a good bucket bag as I kart my life's belongings around with me most days. Snap this one up ASAP! 

Believe it or not, summer will happen again. That's right, although I am suffering from a Vitamin D deficiency and am addicted to wearing my Zara scarf/blanket/coat/tent thing at all times, the sun will rise again. Therefore you need to protect your eyes in the chicest way possible, why not splurge on these Miu Miu glasses? 

What have been your absolute bargains that you have stumbled across this Christmas? I have a little bit of money left over for Christmas and can be pretty speedy with that trigger finger.... 


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