Saturday, 3 March 2012


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90s grunge is returning to the streets. This excites me greatly and I cannot wait to delve into the depths of my wardrobe and fish out my collection of scruffy baggy t-shirts and heavy jewellery. After a long and lustful browse on the internet, I managed to narrow my wish list to my top 6 picks. 
All Saints is all about the grunge look, so my first stop was their website. I find All Saints a bit out of my price range, but these two items seemed reasonable and All Saints never go out of fashion. 

Ear cuffs are everywhere, I may have popped into Topshop and nabbed myself a little one, but if you are more daring than me then scoot along to ASOS and check out their wide range of ear cuffs. The bigger and bolder the better! 

What are your thoughts on my picks? Are you going to be punk'd this coming Spring?



  1. I love the grungey look just because it turns out to be just super comfy... thinking of it makes me wish that oversized tees were always in trend!


  2. I love love love the grunge style. Reminds me of the Olsen sisters x

  3. I've always been into 90s grunge, I love baggy t-shirts and recently bought a denim jacket to go with them. love your blog, have a nice week. :)


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