Friday, 9 March 2012

Spring Dresses

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Spring is on it's way! I have been obsessed with checking my weather app everyday and it promises that the weather is going to get better and getter. So, in order to prepare for this promised sunshine, I must buy lots of lovely little light dresses. 

Keeping my eyes peeled for light cami style dresses, I noticed that a lot of the material that River Island use for dresses is quite thick, too thick for me. However, I found this little number (6) and for only £16 as well! I have it in black, but the actual colour of this dress is very pink. It's so cute and can be worn with anything!

My favourite out of all of my picks is the Topshop skater cami slip, but for £68 you would have to wear the life out of it. The mix of colours are a perfect reminder that spring and summer are round the corner, but the style and material of the dress mean it can be worn all through the year.

Which is your favourite out of the picks? Are you excitedly stocking up on your spring/summer dresses?


  1. Am in love with the first one! Although I wish it was shorter, long dresses don't suit me :(

  2. I love summer dresses like this. My fave is the yellow Topshop one, but I can't decide whether it is too expensive or not xx


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