Tuesday, 7 January 2014


Now, I am sure you have heard of this hyped product which incredibly tricky to get hold of! the La Roche Posay Serozinc is not sold in the UK (...yet) but it can be bought on eBay with just a few clicks, so don't fret!

Some of my favourite beauty bloggers had ranted about the toner so I had to try it. The first thing I noticed  about this concocation (made up of 99.15% water, 0.75% Sodium Chloride and 0.10% Zinc Sulfate) is it doesn't tingle but leaves your face feeling fresh and healthy. Although tingling is not always a good sign I often worry if something just feels like water on my face (unless it's my trusty Bioderma!) 

The good new is my skin has cleared up  and seemed to have calmed down, (I can brave the outside world without foundation.) However, the bad news is that I have had a complete skincare revamp and this means I cannot quite work out which product has saved my skin...I guess you will just have to wait for a few more posts from my new skincare regime to find out what was the saving grace. 
Have you tried Serozinc?

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