Sunday, 27 May 2012

Whack out your stamp collection!

What's that you say? Stamp collection mixed with fashion icons? Never the twain should meet, but yes, Royal Mail have collaborated with iconic British fashion designers to offer you a chance to accessorise your mail. First off, swapping one Queen for the other...

Alexander McQueen's duck feather dress from his autumn/winter 09/10 collection is amazing, and potentially my favourite of the new collection. Imagine getting a boring old letter from the bank with this bad boy stuck on it, it would certainly make grimacing at my overdraft more chic.

Here are a few more to add to your collection...

Last but by no means least, Vivienne Westwood and her unmistakable style, with a vibrant print outfit. Let's not forget her symbolic orb that I absolutely adore that adds a certain something to every outfit. This is the outfit that Naomi Campbell famously stumbled in her huge heels in 1993, but I have seen the shoes and I don't blame her. The pose of this model is so elegant yet clashes perfectly with the slightly punk undertones of Westwood. The barnet is a great addition too. Come on, someone, write me a letter with this on? 

They have been available since the 15th May, and I may have to request a letter or two from my friends in the UK so I can get my hands on these. They are a fun way of brightening up a boring birthday card.

What are your thoughts and which is your favourite?  


Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Freebies galore!

I love freebies, who doesn't? This month is good for sampling lots of different goodies.

First, In Style have three colours for you to choose from, by Nails Inc. Oddly, I do not actually own any Nails Inc, so I cannot offer my opinion, but I can comment on the fact you have nothing to lose!
The colours are; Power Pink, Bluebell and Peach Sorbet. Personally, I think the Peach Sorbet sound delicious, but would probably go for the Bluebell. 

Next up, we have Glamour magazine, with free Benefit products! I am going to have to get someone to buy me a magazine back in England, because I am a big Benefit fan. Due to this, I can offer my opinion on all three. I do like the Bad Lash mascara and this will probably last the longest compared to the others, however I find it clumps up my lashes a wee bit, as the brush is quick chunky.
"That Gal" is so lovely, I used it as a primer and it made my skin glow under my foundation, but it runs out so quickly! Or it did for me. Smells lovely though.
POREfessional, I would go for this just to try it out. The texture is silky soft and it really does cover up your pores, I would use "That Gal" all over my face, however POREfessional I tend to use around my nose. 
....or just get all three!

Last but not least is Marie Claire with Body Shop lip and cheek stain, in two colours; red and caramel. They are worth £10, and since Marie Claire is only £3.70, it's a bargain! But I am not a massive fan of Marie Claire magazine, personally. 

Hurry and up and buy yours, which are you going to search high and low for? Which are your favourite magazines?


Saturday, 12 May 2012

Diamond Jubilee

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Now, for those who are not fans of the Royal Family, look away now!

For the rest of us, are you excited for the Diamond Jubilee? Sadly, I will be in France, streaming it on my terrible internet, most likely buffering throughout the Queen's wave. My sister is visiting however, so I am going to ask her to bring over crumpets, scones and jam. (I have enough tea here, I brought over 600 tea bags.)

Whilst on my morning browse of UO, I noticed that they had a selection specifically for the Diamond Jubilee and some of these things are quite brilliant. So I thought I would share a couple of my favourites with you.

The main reason I chose the cake decorations is because that cake looks amazing. But my favourite of them all has to be the ice cream scoop. Obviously, it's all tack, but sometimes tack is brilliant. Isn't that the point? I was gutted when I didn't get a William and Kate mug after the Royal Wedding, but my boyfriend tracked one down for me last Christmas and it's the first thing I packed when moving to France. When I get a bit sick of learning French grammar, or have had an embarrassing conversation with someone French who clearly doesn't understand me, I come home and have a milky cup of Tetley's from this mug and it perks me right up. 

What are your thoughts on the Diamond Jubilee? Or are you not really that bothered? 


Thursday, 10 May 2012

Met Gala

Well the Met Gala in New York certainly raised a few eyebrows in the fashion department. To be honest, it's such a fashion crazy evening anyway, I think this is one of the rare few moments where you can wear anything and get away with it. I have picked out a few of my favourites...and here they are.

Only Beyoncé could pull this number off, with her amazing derrière and her stunning smile. This Givenchy Couture purple sheered corset is really eye-catching. What a MILF. 

Marc Jacobs. Of course I had to put this laced shirt dress in here, it's fantastic! He has even managed to colour co-ordinate his black and white beard to the outfit, perfect. Apparently, he said he "didn't want to be boring" which is perfectly understandable, considering the lack of choice that men have compared to women when dressing up. 

Emma Stone looks gorgeous in this Lanvin dress. It is just enough to attract attention, without going overboard. Teamed with basic accessories and natural make-up, it's flirty and fun.

Carey Mulligan seems to be able to sport any trend, she can pull off coy and sweet, with floaty florals and here she pulls of edgy and sharp, with this metallic Prada number. Never did I think short hair could have so many varied styles, but she proves me wrong.

Dianna Agron (Glee) looked stunning in this emerald green Carolina Herrea gown.She teamed this low-cut beauty with a Judith Leiber gold clutch and minimal jewellery. I think this one might be my favourite, it is stylish, sexy, not too much, but just enough. 

What were your thoughts on all the frocks and suits? Was there one that made you cringe? Who made you dream of one day walking the red carpet wearing their special number?


Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Peaches and cream

Biguine Lipstick

What with revision and bad weather here in Aix, I have been going a bit crazy with on-line shopping this month, so I thought I'd share my favourite new purchases.

First off, the Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser. Yes, I have succumb to the pressure of the blogasphere. Everywhere I look, someone is ranting and raving about this product, so I decided to purchase. Only recently have I taken an interest in my skincare regime (I am after all 22 years young) and it's about time I take care of my skin. I have been using this for nearly 2 weeks now, every morning and every night and I haven't really noticed a huge difference in my skin. However, it does leave me feeling refreshed in the morning and the smell is amazing. I also like that you rub the cream in your dry face, the whole process is easy. It takes off all your make-up thoroughly, (although I tend to use a make up wipe before hand) meaning I don't end up ruining my towels. (Even though I live by myself, I can still hear my mum shouting from the bathroom about the amount of towels I have ruined!)

After pining after some crucifix earrings for a while, I popped into Urban Outffiters in London and bought these bad boys for £10 and I love them!

These peaches and cream colours of this Zara purse made me fall in love with it instantly, but in my opinion it's far too big to be a purse, so I am using it as a travel make-up bag for the time being. 

Essie nail polish is amazing! Pricey but amazing. Only recently have I realised that adding a few pounds (or euros in my case) onto the price of a nail polish can make all the difference. It's a soft peachy tone, at first I was un-sure, as it seemed to blend into my hands, but when I got out into the daylight I fell in love with the colour.

When I was back home I instantly popped into Boots, I never thought I would miss a shop as much as I miss Boots. So cheap and so much! This Revlon lipstick in smoked peach is perfect for every day wear, also because it's matte I do have to make sure I carry around some lip balm whenever I take it out with me.

What are your April/May purchases? Are you a fan of peach this spring?

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